40+ Contoh Kalimat Aktif dan Pasif Bahasa Inggris

Kalimat Aktif dan Pasif adalah salah satu kalimat yang sering dipelajari dalam Bahasa Inggris. Bagi sebagian orang, belajar kalimat aktif dan pasif mungkin tidak begitu sulit. Namun bagi sebagian orang justru Kalimat aktif dan Pasif Bahasa Inggris ini sering kali membingungkan karena ada kata – kata yang harus dibolak-balik.

Berikut 40+ Contoh Kalimat Aktif dan Pasif Bahasa Inggris :

1. Scientist have made amazing discoveries. The amazing discoveries have been made by scientist
2. They don’t buy a bread for breakfast. A bread is not bought by theme for breakfast
3. My mother cleans the house everyday. The house is cleaned by my mother everyday
4. Jack drinks a cup of coffee. A cup of coffee is drunk by jack
5. The police arrested the thieves yesterday. The thieves were arrested by the police yesterday
6. They don’t speak English in this room. English is not spoken by them in this room
7. They often watch Korean Drama. Korean drama is often watched by them
8. He got bad mark last semester. Bad mark was gotten by him last semester
9. The boy injured by somebody in the highway accident yesterday. The boy was injured by somebody at the accident in the highway yesterday
10. The snake is biting Jhon . Jhon is being bitten by the snake
11.      Henry ford invented the assembly line The assembly line was invented by Henry Ford.
12.      Henry is taking the dog to the vet is The dog is being taken to the vet’s by Henry.
13.      USA company will produce the new computer chip in Dresden The new computer chip will be produced in Dresden by USA company.
14.      In that chamber, somebody buried the dead person In that chamber, the dead person was buried by somebody.
15.      My mom gave the money to me The money was given to me by my mom.
16.      The police arrested him because he robbed the bank last week Last week he was arrested by the police because he robbed the bank.
17.      Paparazy is watched me I’m being watched by Paparazy.
18.      The doctor is preparing the patient for the major operation The patient is being prepared for the major operation by the doctor.
19.      Her husband murdered her on the spot She was murdered on the spot by her husband.
20.      People has never found his body for 20 years His body has never been found by people for 20 years.
21.     Juan has not sent me the file. The file has not been sent by juan
22.     My Father told us a joke.  We were told a joke by my father
23.     He gave the ring to his wife. The ring was given by him to his wife
24.     Will He accept my apology? Will my apology be accepted by him?
25.     Computer will replace the workers . The workers will be replaced by computer
26.     I will send the invitation to my friends. The invitation will be sent by me to my friend
27.     I love my parents so much. My parents are loved by me so much
28.     The Tsunami destroyed Banten and Lampung Last month. Banten and lampung were destroyed by the tsunami last month
29.     They have not stamped the letter. The letter have not been stamped by them
30.     Someone has picked my wallet up in the street. My wallet has been picked up by someone in the street
31.     The teacher has punished the student the student has been punished by The teacher.
32.     Immigration officer will check our passport in the border Our passport will be checked in the border by immigration officer.
33.     Can the police catch the robber? Can the robber be caught by the police?
34.     I will never forger the experience This experience will never be forgotten by me.
35.     I did not cheat on you you were  not cheated on by me.
36.     Andrea hirata has written laskar pelangi Laskar Pelangi has been written by Andrea Hirata.
37.     He pussed the test the test was passed by him.
38.     Somebody broken into our bungalow last Friday Last Friday Our bungalow was broken into by Somebody.
39.     Our boss will cancel the meeting The meeting will be canceled by our boss.
40.     The man is cutting down the trees The trees are being cut down by the man.


Semoga Kumpulan Contoh Kalimat Aktif dan Pasif Bahasa Inggris ini dapat teman-teman pelajari sebaik-baiknya. Semoga bermanfaat!

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