Viral : Woman Fixes Butterfly’s Wings To Save His Life. See The Transformation

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A US based costume designer used her skills to help an injured butterfly take flight which is now going viral because of it. Her heartwarming post about repairing the butterfly’s broken wings has touched a chord with many different collecting over 15,000 reactions and more than 20,400 shares since January 8.

Costume designer Romy McCloskey has been raising butterflies since she accidentally found a number of caterpillars in her yard in October last fall. So when she found a three-days-old butterfly with broken wings, she couldn’t help but imagine a solution to help you him. The butterfly had sustained an accident while pupating that left his wings damaged. A friend sent her video how she could repair the miscroscopic guy’s wings and that is precisely what she did.

“I figured, since I accomplish that much designing, cutting and piecing together of costumes… I could give mtss is a go. And I’m really glad I did!” she says on Facebook.

Her post, filled with seven pictures, details how she went about transplanting the wings of the butterfly which had died earlier onto this place.

Ms McCloskey used a tweezers, scissors, talc, contact cement and toothpick among other things to correct the butterfly’s wings.

She secured the butterfly having a bent hanger to remove his damaged wings. “Don’t worry, this doesn’t happen hurt. It’s like trimming hair or nails,” she says on Facebook.

Here’s how the miscroscopic guy looked once she was done putting him back together.

“We a successful flight! A quick spin round the backyard, a little rest on on of the bushes… then… ‘like the down of the thistle ‘… off he flew! My heart soared with him, without a doubt!” she says on Facebook.

Take a peek at Ms McCloskey’s post below:

Her wonderful post has moved many on Facebook.

“The world needs the best way to as you,” says one Facebook user. “I am speechless… you’re most wonderful man that I have come across in my life. God Bless you as well as your hands,” says another.

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